Supporting people’s most basic needs not only provides immediate support, but also positions them for independence later. Topics comprising this impact area include:

  • Crisis Intervention*
  • Food Security
  • Housing Security
  • Legal Assistance
  • Transportation

Most Common Needs

The table below shows the number of counties (out of 16 total) that identified each topic in this impact area as a priority need.

*Crisis intervention was not included in the needs prioritization process because it so often could be placed under other need areas, such as housing or food security.

Community Partnerships


Partnerships identified in the Provide Food and Shelter impact area

Regional Funding

The funding map tracked government and philanthropic grants of $50,000 or more awarded in fiscal year 2017. Funding identified in this impact area totaled:


K-12 Education and Out-ofSchool Time $302,098,112
Early Childhood Education $150,518,660
Post-secondary Education $29,373,695
Child Welfare $22,718,899