A robust and safe community can strengthen and enhance the lives of community members, affording them the necessary tools to thrive. Topics comprising this impact area include:

  • Aging and Senior Support*
  • Built Environment
  • Community Building
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Justice System
  • Safety
  • Services for Individuals with Disabilities*

*Some topics could be represented under various impact areas. Because of available data indicators, CNA researchers placed these topics in the Strengthen Communities impact area, but United Way recognizes these topics under Improve Health.

Most Common Needs

The table below shows the number of counties (out of 16 total) that identified each topic in this impact area as a priority need.

Community Partnerships


Partnerships identified in the Strengthen Communities impact area

Regional Funding

The funding map tracked government and philanthropic grants of $50,000 or more awarded in fiscal year 2017. Funding identified in this impact area totaled:


Services for Individuals with Disabilities$43,099,032
Community Building$32,851,323
Built Environment$17,157,203
Aging & Senior Support$14,182,163
Disaster Preparedness & Response$8,130,502
Justice System$3,163,738